A lunchbox designed for takeaway, not throwaway

PACKD Lunch is a sustainably made, reusable takeaway box.

It’s especially designed for busy people who lunch on-the-go yet don’t want to contribute to our planet’s single-use packaging problem.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign (thanks super fans!) we are currently working with our manufacturers to make our super dooper lunchbox a reality.

Watch this space for updates


How does PACKD Lunch work?

We’re sick of seeing our office bins filled with food packaging and the world’s oceans don’t like it much either. We’re not asking you to reinvent lunch or carry it on your head, we’re just asking you to take along a super-cool lunch box next time you pop out to get an on-the-go meal.



Purchase a PACKD Lunch box from your favourite lunchtime cafe or street food market.



Grab your lunch to-go using your new reusable and super stylish lunch box.



The result? Feel great about the single use plastic you didn’t use today!


By 2050 there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish. 

It’s time to change.

We all know the oceans are in crisis. 1 truck filled with plastic enters our oceans and waterways each minute. The plastic we use today will be in the sea for over 400 years causing catastrophic effects for beautiful fish, turtles, penguins and sea birds.

A fixed percentage of all lunchbox purchases will go directly to supporting organisations directly helping to clean up our oceans and raise awareness and education around this global issue. More on this coming soon!

We are launching in November!

Progress update 2 : Kickstarter campaign

In August we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign that raised over £15,000 that will go towards manufacturing our first batch of lunchboxes. Thank you to all the wonderful supporters from all over the world who have our backs!

Progress update 1 : Exmouth Market trial

In May we completed a pilot in partnership with Exmouth Market (Islington Council) and 75 employees from 10 local offices. We saw really encouraging results with 96% of participants indicating they’d continue to use a reusable lunchbox in the future.

"PACKD Lunch is such a great initiative and just what the world needs" (participant)

Yes! this is what all cafes should be doing these days. We are all responsible” (stall owner)


On a mission to reduce ocean plastics, one lunch at a time

PACKD Lunch is founded by Bettina Garnier & Laura Burley.

Bettina is an innovation & strategy consultant helping some of the world’s most valuable brands solve big world problems. Laura is a designer and architect interested in improving the planet through great design.

They’re also crazy beach lovers (and Kiwis) so they’ve made a pact to use their skills to make a difference for the oceans they love.